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New Products

Made of flexible, soft silicone, this top of the line wireless headset will give your customers the ultimate music experience without the hassle of cords. Comes equipped with the new Bluetooth 4.1 Technology that supports Hi-Fi music and HD calling, with a range up to 30 feet away. New lithium polymer battery provides the user with 11 hours of use and 320 hours of standby. Supports a charge voltage of DC 5V, which can charge the headset in less than 2 hours, which means less time sitting by an outlet. With the multifunction key, your customers will have the ultimate control and intuitive user-ability to do, pretty much everything on their phone. Lightweight and ergonomically made to fit your customer’s ear canal with ease and comfort. Absolutely perfect for those who enjoy an active lifestyle. We believe in our products, here at Zizo, therefore we give your customers our 12-month manufacturer warranty, on all product defects.
Wireless earphones with microphone and Bluetooth 5.0 connection with pop-up pairing and a wireless charging case with an inductive wireless touch sensor for playback settings to pause and play and answer calls
Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable (1 m)
For iPhone, iPad & iPod touch with Lightning Connector
High Quality Us/EU Charger 5W USB Power Adapter for iPhone /iPad/Apple Watch
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